Home by Morning -- Alexis Harrington

Home by Morning

In October 1918, Dr. Jessica Layton stops in her hometown of Powell Springs, Oregon, on her way to a new position at Seattle General Hospital. She has stopped to visit her sister Amy, now being courted by Cole Braddock, the man Jess once expected to marry. But before she can escape the heartache of seeing him again, the influenza epidemic that is ravaging the world comes to town. With no other doctor available, she must stay to care for the patients who are falling ill in alarming numbers. She also must deal with Cole, the love of her childhood, who broke his promise to wait for her to finish her medical training.

Cole Braddock isn’t happy to see Jessica. Her promises to return home after medical school proved to be as insubstantial as mist. He’s sure that Amy Layton, sweet and domestic, is the right woman for him. With his brother fighting in the trenches of France, he’s busy operating the family horse farm and supplying mounts to the Allied Forces. He assumes he won’t have to see much of Jessica. But time and again their paths cross when they are faced with duplicity, treachery, and the ultimate betrayal.

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". . . Both appealing and memorable . . . Home by Morning is well worth a read."
★★★★½—Monkey Bear Reviews

". . . this is a pretty good read both for the drama and the catharsis."
Rating: 87—Mrs. Giggle

★★★★★—Author Suzanne Barrett

"Ms. Harrington is a masterful storyteller, using skillful writing, great dialogue and wonderful imagery. This is a must-read book . . . Brava Ms. Harrington for sharing your enormous talent in this superb story. A strong five stars."